Clearing Up Some Misinformation

Kerry Kraus

The internet and all its many uses, such as Facebook, websites, etc., has made information so much more easily obtainable. A definite plus in this very hectic world we live in. Unfortunately it can be used in negative ways to hurt people or damage a business’ reputation.

That has happened to some really nice people who run a wedding venue named Belgian Meadows in Little Rock. A lot of misinformation has been posted regarding Belgian Meadows, referring to it as Belgian Meadows Farm:from a website claiming Belgian Meadows is no longer hosting events, to a couple of Facebook sites saying “Closing Belgian Meadows Farm.”

For all of you brides who have scheduled, or are interested in doing so, a wedding, please note: Belgian Meadows (and this is the correct name – no Farm in the title) is STILL open for business and is STILL hosting weddings and other special events. To get correct information, do a search on Facebook for Belgian Meadows and request to be a friend.

Belgian Meadows
20700 Lawson Road, Little Rock
Phone numbers: 870-503-1462 or 501-847-1145

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