CNBC Special “The Diamond Rush” Airs Tonight and Features Crater of Diamonds State Park

We just got a reminder from Joan Ellison at Arkansas State Parks to be on the lookout for tonight’s CNBC special “The Diamond Rush”. The show will feature the Crater of Diamonds State Park. Read more details from Ellison below:

Tonight (Monday, August 27) CNBC will air its new special, “The Diamond Rush.”  A segment of the broadcast was filmed at the Crater of Diamonds State Park and features the diamond search area and the park staff. The segment also includes interviews with several long-time diamond hunters including Glenn Worthington, who is shown with his largest two diamond finds, and David Anderson, a Michigan native who has been prospecting at the park since 2007. The segment airs twice at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. central time.  he following link contains more information about the Crater of Diamonds segment:

Here’s information from CNBC’s news release:

Go inside the diamond rush… from hidden treasure to hard asset.

CNBC’s Bob Pisani travels to Africa to journey deep inside the richest diamond mine on the planet revealing the king of all diamond mines – DeBeers crown jewel in Botswana.  From Africa to the Vegas strip…an all access insider’s look at Vegas’ very own diamond rush, where diamond hunters are out in force looking for the best rocks to buy and sell at the country’s largest jewelry expo.  Next stop the most famous street in America for this precious gem, New York’s 47th Street where Bob Pisani brings cameras for the first time into the Diamond Dealers Club, the stock exchange of the diamond world.  And finally, on the hunt for diamonds in Arkansas – yes, Arkansas – the only diamond producing public site in the entire world where you can go digging for diamonds and you’ll meet a guy who literally hit pay dirt.

Diamonds are in peak demand and producers are spending more money, and digging even deeper to pull rare diamonds from the earth, but will all the effort and the expense pay off?  And, will diamond investing be the next big thing?



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