Corps of Engineers Campground Update

Zoie Clift
We have just been informed by the Lake Ouachita Field
Office of the Corps of Engineers that several campgrounds in the area will soon
be closing for repairs.  The below
information outlines campground availability after October 31:

Stephens Park: Will remain open

Spillway: Will be closed

Brady Mountain: Will be closed

Crystal Springs: Campsites 1-37 will be open for camping

Joplin: Will be closed

Tomkins Bend: Will be open from November 1- January 5 2011
with sites 31-77 available for camping. The campground will close Jan. 5, 2011
and reopen Feb. 28 2011.

Denby Point: Will close on Nov. 1 but will open on Jan 5
2011 for camping. Sites 16-67  will
be available for camping.

 March 1- April 30 2011- Portions of Brady, Crystal, Joplin,
Tompkins and Denby Point will be open on a first come first serve basis.

On May 1 2011 all campgrounds will be open and the
reservations season will start.

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