Crater of Diamonds State Park Earns Top 10 Spot in National Favorite Park Program

Zoie Clift
Just got word from Joe Jacobs at Arkansas State Parks that Coca-Cola started a program where people could vote for their favorite parks (National and State) a little over a week ago. They had some issues with automated systems voting for some parks (for example a little historical park in Georgia got over 1 million votes in a matter of days). So they called it a test and started over.
The good news is that Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, without any automated voting, made it into the top 10. This achievement was rewarded with a $5000 grant from Coke. 
Now for part two, they have restarted the contest. As before, you can vote as many times as you  like, anyone can vote but now you have to enter a security code when you vote (they give you the code and you enter it.). $100,000 in grants is up for grabs. If you are interested in voting, check out this link: 
And congrats to Crater of Diamonds! 
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