Day Two of Arkansas: The State of Fishing

Yesterday marked the official start of Arkansas: The State of Fishing.  It was a long day of stellar photography.  Everything from family fishing, awesome sunrise shots and an evening shot of giant catfish took place.  We ended the day with a fabulous dinner of pasta at Blue Lady Resort.
Today, rain has moved in and we are practicing a “hurry up and wait” schedule while shooting where we can.  We have several writers on the water in search of monster fish.
Here is a report sent out to the fishing world by Noel Vick with Traditions Media:
Steady rain over Norfork this morning – prime opportunity to
shoot FXE Stormsuit. Billy, Gussy, Roach and Bro are out in the boat
doing just that. Shot some amazing nighttime cat material with
Jamison, Bro and my son Calvin last night, model being a blue somewhere
in that 35-lb. range, plus a couple of mid 20s (all are alive and
smiling). Stripers bit well yesterday. Eric Naig from Northland Tackle, Matt Straw, Jason Sealock with Wired2Fish and
guide boated 14 freelining with shad. Black and brown
bass are running small, but voluminous. Huge crappies penned on Bull
Shoals for photo purposes – can’t transport them to Norfork on account
of zebra muscles, but more than willing to move the set. First
of the trout army hit the water this morning. And that’s the flyover
report from northern Arkansas.
Stay tuned and enjoy the photos.
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