Elements of Disaster Exhibit Debuts at Jacksonport State Park Saturday

 Nature’s fury often impacts our world in mighty and destructive ways. The natural history of Jackson County comes front and center as Jacksonport State Park in Newport unveils a new interactive exhibit, “Earth, Wind, Water, Fire: Elements of Disaster,” on March 3.

The exhibit takes visitors on a journey through floods, fires, earthquakes and tornados through photographs and personal accounts. Visitors can also “make” a tornado, “create” an earthquake, and “cause” a flood through the numerous hands-on interactives included in the new exhibit.

The exhibit takes the viewer back in time to “experience” the disasters, including discussion on the actual cause and tips on how to stay safe in the event of a present-day catastrophe.

The exhibit opens to the public on March 3. Park Superintendent Mark Ballard, Arkansas Capitol Historian David Ware, and Jackson County Historian Robert Craig will be on hand to share stories of the calamities that plagued northeast Arkansas throughout history.

For more information, contact Angela Jackson at 870-523-2601. Admission is free.

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