Entertaining the Kids During the Holidays

Kerry Kraus


Chances are pretty good that if your kids aren’t already out of school, they soon will be. You know it won’t be long before you start hearing “I’m bored,” and “there’s nothing to do.” We have a way to keep them entertained, for a little while at least, and you don’t have to buy a thing.

Just go to ArkansasKids.com and click on a new games section entitled Arkansas Arcade.” All players have to do is create a user name then select “go.”

From there, they’ll go to a map of Arkansas where there are six games to test both their skills and their knowledge of Arkansas.

They can choose from the Buffalo River Kayak Challenge, Dyess Guitar Champion, Judge Parker’s Hangman, Plum Bayou Archer, Arkadelphia Matching Game, and the Southwest Arkansas Frog Jump.

When your kids are through with the arcade, click on the games tab for more activities. The games vary in difficulty and are for different age groups. Adults enjoy them as well. Gather the family around the computer and see how you do.

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