Famous Arkansan: Paul Klipsch

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Meet: Paul Klipsch
Zoie Clift

Paul Klipsch (1904-2002)
was an audio pioneer and resident of Hope. He was the inventor of Klipsch
speakers and is considered one of the nation’s most celebrated audio pioneers
because he revolutionized the way the world listens to recorded music.

His speakers are regarded
among the top in the field by audio buffs. Unsatisfied with the sound quality
of phonographs and early speaker systems, Klipsch used scientific principles to
develop a corner horn speaker that sounded more lifelike than its predecessors.

It was during his service at the Southwest Proving Grounds
(located in Hope) that Klipsch refined his corner horn speaker design. Visitors
to his office quarters were amazed by the lifelike reproduction and
encouraged  Klipsch to start his
own manufacturing business. He received a patent on his loudspeaker design in
1945, registered the name Klipsch & Associates in 1946, and began making
each loudspeaker with his own hands until he hired his first employee in

The Klipschorn, which today
is still manufactured and sold worldwide, proved it was possible to reproduce
the sound of a live orchestra inside a home. Klipsch believed four
principles to be the foundation for great sound: high efficiency, dynamic
range, controlled directivity and flat frequency response. They are what drive
the design of every Klipsch speaker even today. Klipsch is a member of the
Audio Hall of Fame and the Engineering and Science Hall of Fame.

On a similar note, the
Klipsch Music Festival is set to debut this year at Fair Park in Hope Saturday
June 12. Klipsch founded the Kilpsch speaker company on a  deep-rooted love of music and the event
was created as a way to pay homage to its founder. The event is a celebration of
live music and will showcase country, rock, jazz and blues musicians.
Performers include Wes Jeans, Hazy Jane, Dave Almond, The Night Hawk Band, The Jason
Helms Band and Tonk Edward. The free concert is from 3- midnight and will
feature lawn seating (people are welcome to bring blankets or chairs). More details can be found

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