Film Auditions for Nation Movie in Jonesboro April 13-14

If you’ve ever wanted to act in a film project, here’s your chance! Open auditions for the independent film project entitled “How To Carry A. Nation” will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 13 and 14, from 6-9 p.m. at the Craighead County Public Library in Jonesboro.
Ed and Karen Underwood are producing the film project. The Underwoods are known in Arkansas for the performing arts troupe called “THE UFOs”, and the Jonesboro Ghost Tour. The Underwood’s have written and published three books on Arkansas history and the screenplay for “How To Carry A. Nation”.
Carry Amelia Nation became the most famous member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, founded in 1874. She was nearly six feet tall and weighing 180 pounds and became a formidable force while wielding her hatchet. Kiowa, Kansas, was where Nation went to work with the hatchet in the name of temperance in 1900. She was arrested 30 times between 1900 and 1920 while leading her ladies on their crusade. According to some sources, prize fighter John L. Sullivan was reported to have run and hid when Nation burst into his New York City saloon. Later in life she moved to Eureka Springs where the home she lived in became known as “Hatchet Hall.” Across the street from the structure is a spring named for her. Nation collapsed during a speech in an Eureka Springs park and later passed away on June 9, 1911.
“The movie takes place during the last two days of her active life in January of 1911 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The house she named “Hatchet Hall” still stands there to this day,” says Karen Underwood.
The film’s dramatic narrative has to do with the events and conflicts leading up to her last public speech. “We are also using Carry as a lens,” states Ed Underwood, “to view the cultural dynamic of what happens when a religious firebrand electrifies the public into divisive political activism. Consequently, we believe the project is both entertaining and socially relevant.”

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