Fishing in Central Arkansas

If you’ve followed my blogs, tweets and facebook posts, you know that I love to fish. I’ve spent a lot of time recently fishing for crappie and stripers in lakes around the Arkansas Ozarks and fishing for trout in Arkansas Ozark streams and rivers. Recently, I visited one of our central Arkansas lakes, Lake Maumelle, with guide Bill Dennis of Central Arkansas Guide Service. 
Lake Maumelle is a prime fishing choice for me because it’s located just 12 miles northwest of Little Rock. The lake serves as central Arkansas’s main water supply,
and consists of 8,900 acres covering an area of 14 square miles with a 70-mile shoreline.

The fishing is great but what I like most about the area is the view. From the water, you can see Pinnacle Mountain. Being on the water with a mountain in my sights is a truly amazing experience. Add a six pound largemouth bass into the mix and I’m in heaven!

Along with fishing, the lake is well-know fr the many sailing regattas it hosts each year. The lake has an abundant supply of bass, catfish, crappie, stripers and bream. The lake boasts a 55-pound and a 92-pound black buffalo having been pulled from its waters. We set out on a very windy day

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