Fitness Fix: Cyclemeter

Zoie Clift
If you’re a cyclist, you’ve
probably found that Arkansas has some pretty cool rides out there. I got a new
road bike recently and now that the snow and ice have melted off the roads, am
looking forward to getting back in the bike saddle. To help with my training,
I’ve been using the Cyclemeter 2.0, an app recently launched for the iPhone
3G/3GS. The app continually records ride time, location, distance, elevation
and pace and allows riders to see results on maps, graphs and a calendar organized
by routes and activities. The app also has built-in Twitter text-to-speech so
cyclists can hear Twitter replies during rides from coaches or fellow riders
and lets riders send links to maps of rides and routes via email or Twitter.
For training and sharing purposes, cyclists can also export the ride data from
their iPhone directly to a spreadsheet. More details can be found at There are tons of training apps out there to help
log the miles, whether you are a cyclist, runner, or hiker. Keep me posted if
you have any tips for apps or cycling routes to check out. 

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