Free Friday: Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Kerry Kraus


The cooler morning temperatures this week have whetted everyone’s desire for fall. While it’s still warm during the day, the lower humidity makes it a great time to be outdoors. Why not head out west to Pinnacle Mountain State Park?

If you’re really industrious you can climb to the top of this west Little Rock landmark. Two trails are available –  East Summit and West Summit.  You can go up one way and come down the other. If you’re looking for something a little more easy-going, then try the Arkansas and Kingfisher Trails, both of which are paved and accessible for those in wheelchairs. The Arkansas Arboretum, which has a barrier-free trail with interpretive exhibits, features native trees and shrubs from all around the state.  

The park also has a playground for kids and ample space to play volleyball, softball and kickball. Two pavilions and several shaded picnic tables are available if you want to have a cookout. Don’t miss the watchable wildlife window in the park visitor center and watch for glorious birds just outside. 

Pack a lunch and spend an enjoyable day exploring some of the wonders of The Natural State at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.



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