Friday Roundup: Spring, Rain and Waterfalls

Friday blogs are a mix of things instead of fitting a theme like my other blog days. Most of the time it will be event oriented and other times just something I needed to share.

Jill M. Rohrbach
It’s raining as I write this, which has me thinking of spring and waterfalls. I’m looking forward to warmer weather, and I don’t really mind the rain spring will bring. I just like them a little warmer than the cold rain I’m feeling today. Regardless, the wet weather brings opportunity to enjoy two of my favorite things – waterfalls and good canoeing waters.

But let’s focus on waterfalls for now. Mount Magazine State Park near Paris in the Arkansas River Valley offers a Waterfall Photography program on Friday, March 19. This program, presented by photographer and Park Interpreter Don Simons, focuses on equipment, settings and how to find waterfalls.

A Waterfall Expedition follows on Saturday, March 20. Explore some rugged areas of the park with a park interpreter. Participants must be very fit and able to hike rough terrain. You’ll visit at least four falls within the park. You’ll need to take your own water and snack on this excursion.

The Waterfall Photography program will be repeated on Thursday, March 25 with the Waterfall Expedition again following on Friday, March 26.

Register for these free program by calling 479-963-8502, and find more information at
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