Geocaching Friday: A Few of My Favorite Caches

On Fridays, I’ll share some of my favorite geocaching spots throughout The Natural State. Even if you’re not a cacher, the Friday blogs will feature towns and attractions throughout the eastern section of Arkansas…perfect for a weekend trip! 

Kimberly J. Williams

Happy Friday to everyone!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and looking forward to a great weekend!!

Earlier this week, I spent some time in southeast Arkansas for a meeting. While there, I revisited one of my favorite caches. Shell Game was the sixth cache I found…which happened to be two years ago today! The cache is located between Dumas and McGehee, so I took our Communications Manager, Dena Woerner, out to find it. Dena recently started caching and I thought this would be a great one for her to find. And, sure enough, she enjoyed finding it as much as I did two years ago. The photo on the left is of Dena at Shell Game cache.

So today, I wanted to write a little about some of my favorite caches. The Wilbur Mills cache is located in a park at the Wilbur D. Mills Lock and Dam on the Arkansas River near Tichnor. It was the first cache I found used in this particular style.

Another one is the Harrison Arkansas Visitors Center cache at the Arkansas Welcome Center in Harrison. I’ll admit something…I probably wouldn’t have found this cache if someone hadn’t helped me. I think it’s an ingenious hide! If you’re “stumped,” go inside and Norma or any member of the great staff at the center can help you out!

And then there’s the No Longer Hiway 7 cache in Smackover. I dedicated an earlier blog to the unique caches you’ll find in the Smackover/El Dorado/Union County area. This one, for me, will always be one of the most unusual caches I’ve ever found!!

And speaking of south Arkansas, I have a new favorite cache that I’ve never found! I received an email this week from a fellow cacher, arkfiremedic (also known as Justin Murphree), informing me he named a cache after ME!! I was absolutely flattered. So now, of course, L.A. or LA? – kjw0169 is one of my favorite caches, even though I haven’t found it…YET!! And if you’re in the LA (Lower Arkansas) area and find “my” cache, let me know!

I’ll end today’s blog by saying that it’s going to be a beautiful weekend in The Natural State…and a great time to get out and do some caching. I’ll be out caching myself! As of today, I have 390 cache finds…so I need to get ten finds this weekend to reach 400. Have a great weekend!!


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