Geocaching Friday: Arkansas State Parks ParkCache Program


On Fridays, I’ll share some of my favorite geocaching spots throughout The Natural State. Even if you’re not a cacher, the Friday blogs will feature towns and attractions throughout the eastern section of Arkansas…perfect for a weekend trip! 
Kimberly J. Williams
Today’s Geocaching Friday blog is a little different! Since I started blogging about geocaching on Fridays, I’ve discussed specific communities and their caches. But not today!

Most of my blogs discuss the Arkansas Delta and North Central Ozarks. Today, our geocaching blog covers the entire state. In July 2008, Arkansas State Parks kicked off the ParkCache program in celebration of the 75th anniversary of our state parks. A special ParkCache was placed in each of the 52 parks. Each cache contains a special clue. After finding all 52 caches and gathering the codes, cachers calculate the codes to form a special coordinate…leading to the final ParkCache cache.

Since the ParkCache began, the individual caches have been found over 5,000 times. The final cache has been found a total of 26 determined cachers. The final cache contains special Arkansas State Parks Geocoins honoring the anniversary. Cachers who find the coins don’t keep the coin…they place them in different caches and let the coins “travel” from place to place. These coins have traveled as far as Alaska and South America since being found. One family completed all 53 caches in one week…and made the trip their summer vacation!

Many Arkansas State Parks have more than one cache hidden on the grounds. So regardless of where you are in The Natural State, there’s a ParkCache near you. To find out more about the Arkansas State Parks ParkCache program, click here.

So the next time you’re headed toward one of Arkansas’s beautiful state parks, you’ll need to grab your GPS and do some caching!

Have a great weekend!!

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