Geocaching Friday: Caching Throughout The Natural State

On Fridays, I’ll share some of my favorite geocaching spots throughout The Natural State. Even if you’re not a cacher, the Friday blogs will feature towns, events and attractions throughout the eastern section of Arkansas…perfect for a weekend trip!
Kimberly J. Williams
Most of my Geocaching Friday blogs deal with specific events or cities. Today’s blog encompasses the entire state!

There are over 9,200 active caches throughout Arkansas right now. So that means that regardless of where you ARE, you’re not too far from a cache!

This time of year is my favorite time to geocache. With the arrival of fall, the temperatures are starting to fall, some of the irritating creepy crawlies that live in the woods are “going away,” and the scenery is changing colors. It’s just a great time to get out and experience the wonder of Arkansas’s outdoors.

If you haven’t started caching yet, but you’d like to, I have a suggestion. Start at the nearest Arkansas State Park! Many Arkansas State Parks have more than one cache hidden on the grounds. One of each of the caches at our 52 parks is a ParkCache. In July 2008, Arkansas State Parks kicked off the ParkCache program in celebration of the 75th anniversary of our state parks. A special ParkCache was placed in each of the 52 parks. Each cache contains a special clue. After finding all 52 caches and gathering the codes, cachers calculate the codes to form a special coordinate…leading to the final ParkCache cache. The final cache contains a special Arkansas State Parks Geocoin honoring the anniversary. These coins have traveled as far as Alaska and South America since being found. Find out more about the Arkansas State Parks ParkCache program here.

If you’re not near an Arkansas State Park, it’s easy to find the cache nearest you. Just log on to and enter your zip code. It will show you all the caches near you within a certain radius.

On the eastern side of the state, there are the 29 caches we’ve hidden along Arkansas’s section of the Great River Road. These caches also allow you the opportunity of visiting many of the Arkansas Delta’s historical and cultural sites. Learn more about the original 10 caches and background about the 70th anniversary Great River Road Geocaching Project here.
Arkansas is a great geocaching state. Why not get out this weekend and find out for yourself?
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