Geocaching Friday: Jonesboro


On Fridays, I’ll share some of my favorite geocaching spots throughout The Natural State. Even if you’re not a cacher, the Friday blogs will feature towns and attractions throughout the eastern section of Arkansas…perfect for a weekend trip! 
Kimberly J. Williams  
Wow!! It’s Friday!! So let’s talk geocaching! Just in case you’re reading a geocahcing Friday blog for the first time, I’m going to give my “official” explanation again:

“Geocaching is, in the simplest terms, a high-tech scavenger hunt using a GPS unit. At this given moment, there are more than 980,000 located around the world. So how do you find a geocache? You visit to find coordinates of hidden caches near you. You put those coords into your GPS…and off you go! Once you arrive at the designated location, it’s not necessarily EASY to find the cache. Caches range in difficulty and size and sometimes take a little (or a LOT!) of hunting. I once explained caching to my best friend’s six-year-old as a lot like Easter egg hunting! You can find more info on geocaching by clicking here. And if you have specific questions, feel free to email me.”

Today we’re going to take a look at Jonesboro. If you’ve not been to Jonesboro in several years, let me urge you to make a trip! Each time I make my way to my college “stomping grounds,” I always spot something new, whether it is a shop or a restaurant!

For geocachers, Jonesboro is a great spot. Maybe because it’s a college town and the college students are placing caches or possibly because it’s a larger city, but Jonesboro has a wonderful array of caches ranging in difficulty and terrain…they are enough to keep avid cachers busy for a day or two. As of today, there are 88 active caches within a 10-mile radius of Jonesboro.

And while you’re there caching, or just visiting, there are some things you need to check out!! A must-see while in Jonesboro is the Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center. The interactive video of how Crowley’s Ridge was formed is one of my favorite things in my territory!! The Arkansas State University Museum, located on the ASU campus, is another stop you’ll want to make. For those who enjoy shopping, definitely make your way to the Mall at Turtle CreekLake Frierson State Park is a popular spot for fishing and, during spring, becomes absolutely spectacular with blooming dogwoods.

When you get hungry…and with all that caching or sightseeing, believe me you will, Jonesboro offers a huge variety of great eating spots. Click here for a list of restaurants.

Okay…Happy Friday everyone!! It’s going to be a great weekend for caching or just traveling throughout The Natural State! Enjoy!!!

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