Geocaching Friday: What Our Visiting Geocachers Have to Say!

On Fridays, I’ll share some of my favorite geocaching spots throughout The Natural State. Even if you’re not a cacher, the Friday blogs will feature towns and attractions throughout the eastern section of Arkansas…perfect for a weekend trip!
Kimberly J. Williams
In my last Geocaching Friday blog, I commented about some recent cachers from New York and California who had been “hunting” the caches in south Arkansas. In response to that blog, I received the nicest email from one of the New York cachers, and I wanted to share that with everyone. Below is Richard’s email.

“Hi Kim,

My daughter in Louisiana sent me a link to your latest Geocaching
Friday Blog. I was really surprised to see our user names mentioned.

We cached the last two weeks in October in Arkansas. Our greatest
caching event ever. In all we found 909 caches in two weeks. The only thing we missed
was meeting arkfiremedic.

We loved the caches and the Arkansas people we did meet. Now I am
looking for a good excuse to return. We accidentally met a cacher,

I wanted to relay to arkfiremedic how fortunate Arkansas cachers are
to know and socialize with their reviewer. Here in NY power trails are
not allowed and the NY reviewer is one of the greatest mysteries of
geocaching. Treat your reviewer well.

I’ll try to tune in on Fridays.

Richard E “

I’d like to thank Richard for emailing me and saying such nice things about our wonderful state, our amazing caches and our awesome geocachers.

Honestly, we have great caches and caching trails in Arkansas. Caching is another way to get out and experience The Natural State. If you haven’t tried it, WHAT are you waiting for?? Have a great weekend!!!
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