Geocaching Friday: YOU are the First to Know! New Caches in Lake Village!

Kimberly J. Williams   
Happy Friday!!
I have to say I just walked in the office about 15 minutes ago after spending the last two days in Lake Village. I absolutely LOVE Lake Village! Lakeshore Drive is, in my opinion, one of the most scenic streets in The Natural State. It’s one of my favorite drives!
There were several reasons for my visit, but I wanted to places several new caches in beautiful downtown Lake Village. Which I have…and YOU are the FIRST to know!! I literally submitted the caches 10 minutes ago, so hopefully they’ll be live on by Sunday…if not earlier! Arkansas’s cache reviewer, “Chuck Walla,” is a pleasure to work with when hiding a cache…and he gets them published quickly. So…these caches might very well be live by Saturday.
Maybe I’m “cheating” a little bit by giving you a “heads-up” on the new caches. But that’s the benefit you get from reading my blogs!
These four new caches in Lake Village are simple…that’s my caching style. I don’t WANT to make it difficult for you…I hate getting a Did Not Find (DNF) on a cache log. I just want it to be FUN!!
If you’ve never been to Lake Village, this is as good a reason as any!!
But while you’re there, take a look around the town. Did you know that Lake Village was the site of the first ever airplane flight at night? Did you know that a fellow named Charles Lindbergh was flying that plane?? Did you know that Lake Chicot is not only Arkansas’s largest natural lake, it’s also the largest oxbow lake in North America? Did you know that Lakeport Plantation is the last remaining antebellum house on the Mississippi River in Arkansas that hasn’t been extensively altered? If not…NOW you know!!
So be on the lookout for our brand-new caches in Lake Village. Have a great weekend!!
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