Glass, Art, or Tool? Find out at a Wine Tasting

When you look at a wine glass a few different thoughts may come to mind.  Is it a beautiful drinking utensil or a piece of art? Do you ever think about it being an instrument to enhance your wine experience? I have been told for years that when tasting and enjoying wine, the type of glass matters.  Because of this, I have always wanted to try specially designed wine glasses that were truly made with a particular wine varietal in mind.  I was very excited to find out that Riedel Wine Glass Company hosts tastings that allow participants a chance to try different wines with specialty glassware.  However, every time I have found information about these seminars, they have been in cities where I would have to travel a great distance to attend.  I was thrilled to find out that The Capital Hotel is bringing one of these events to Little Rock! There are many wine tasting opportunities offered at any given time throughout Arkansas.  From food and wine festivals to tastings

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