Greek Food Festival This Weekend! It’s the largest ethnic festival in Arkansas!

Zoie Clift


The International Greek Food Festival in Little Rock is the
largest ethnic festival in Arkansas. The main objective is to promote awareness
of different ethnicities in the state and transport you to the
Meditterian via the sights ( traditional folk dancing), smells ( homemade
pastries and food!), and sounds (  folk music) found at the festival. For over
27 years, the event has showcased Greek and ethnic culture in Little Rock. This year, everything is happening
this weekend (May 20-22).Times
are Friday and Saturday from 11-9 andfrom 12-6 on Sunday.

Key to the festival is the food. The event
has a long line of cooks from various culinary traditions, showcasing various
cultures – Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Romanian, Russian, Indian, Middle
Eastern, English and a dash of American. From these cultures has evolved this
distinctive collection of foods and a style of cooking that not only captures
the traditions of  heritage but
makes eager eaters call for more. 
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