Heart Healthy: The Jasper Disaster. Are You Up for the Challenge?

My Thursday blogs are all about being Heart Healthy.
Get outside and get moving!

Jill M. Rohrbach
Have you heard of The Jasper Disaster? You won’t catch me riding it because I’m not that good on a bike. But read this description and see if you’re up for the challenge:

“This 62-mile road route is quite difficult so be prepared to sweat. Depart from the biker-friendly town of Harrison on Scenic Hwy. 7 and travel to Jasper. Turn right on Hwy. 74 and go to Ponca. Make another right on Hwy. 43 back to Harrison. Expect three long climbs. Traffic is heaviest from Harrison to Jasper. At the junction of Hwy. 74 and Hwy. 43, turn left on Hwy. 43 for an opportunity to view elk in Boxley Valley.”

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