Heifer Village Family Day is Sept. 24

Kerry Kraus

It’s going to be another jam-packed weekend coming up in Little Rock so I’m starting early to let you know what’s going on. On Saturday, Sept. 24 Heifer International  hosts its Heifer Village Family Day. “Living Local, Buying Local” is the theme for the day.

A mini-market featuring local farmers and vendors will be set up offering fresh produce and some demonstrations. Visitors will learn how to make a “what’s in season” wheel illustrating the fruits and vegetables available in Arkansas by season. There will also be opportunities for interactive gardener chats, and “The Life of a Tomato” obstacle course depicting the path of a tomato you grow versus a commercially grown one.
The Root Café will present food preservation, the Green Corner Store displays items from local artisans, and Heifer Ranch in Perryville showcases their community-supported agriculture program. Animal ambassadors from The Ranch will be in attendance. Hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Heifer Village in downtown Little Rock.
Visit www.heifer.org/ or call 501-907-8800 for more details.
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