Helping Out Our Neighbors to the South While Dining Out

Kerry Kraus


The Gulf Coast oil spill was a huge blow to the seafood and restaurant industries in the South and Southeast. The impact is going to be felt for some time. The U.S. Travel Association and convention and visitors bureaus across the region, including Little Rock, are joining forces to promote “Dine America: AMERICA’S NIGHT OUT FOR GULF SEAFOOD.” The event takes place Wednesday, Dec. 1 and hundreds of chefs and restaurants, over 275 in New Orleans alone, have signed up to participate.

The intent is to showcase the safety of Gulf seafood in the aftermath and clean up of the BP oil spill. All those taking part are serving a special dish that includes fish, oysters, shrimp or crab from the Gulf of Mexico. The gulf supplies nearly half of the country’s seafood.

Participating Little Rock restaurants include:


Cajun’s Wharf  (top photo)
2400 Cantrell Rd. 


Ciao Baci
  (second photo)
605 North Beechwood


Dugan’s Pub 
(third photo)
401 E. Third St.


Loca Luna
  (fourth photo)
3509 Old Cantrell Rd.  


11321 W. Markham St. 

Red Door  (bottom photo)
3701 Cantrell Rd. 


Visit for additional other details about participating restaurants, special seafood menu options as well as other pertinent information.

Enjoy a nice dinner at some of Little Rock’s finest while supporting a good cause.


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