iPhone App for Arkansas State Parks

Jill M. Rohrbach
Have you seen the Arkansas State Parks iPhone app yet? It’s phenomenal and free!

The app is simple and easy to navigate. It features all 52 state parks. You can even search them by type, including camping parks, historic sites, lake parks, mountain parks, parks with cabins and lodges, parks with museums, or parks with picnic areas. It also contains a database of trails in our The Natural State. You can find a trail according to difficulty, location or type.

If you just want to find out what’s around you wherever you are in the Arkansas, all you have to do is tap the screen to find parks or trails near you.

You’ll also find listings of park programs scheduled for the next two weeks, maps showing where each park is located, quick dial to contact the park, and special notices from the parks or even the state parks director’s office in Little Rock.

The app is free to anyone with an iPhone, iPad or iTouch. You must first make sure you have iOS 4.1 or the latest operating system on your device to download the app. State parks hasn’t created one for droid or other smartphones yet, but don’t worry because that’s in the research stage. Expect something in the next year.
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