Jimmy Wayne Visits Arkansas on Meet me Halfway Journey

Zoie Clift
For those of you following
the Meet me Halfway campaign, Jimmy Wayne just sent news via twitter that he is
in Arkansas now and spent last night (cold!) in his Marmot tent in the parking lot
of the Capitol Hotel in Little Rock. As part of the campaign Wayne is
embarking on a solo walk halfway across that nation. Wayne is a country singer and started his journey January 1. The walk started in
Nashville, TN and will end in Phoenix, AZ. Along the way, he is raising awareness
of the homeless and raising funds for organizations that benefit homeless
youth. He is posting updates about his travels via twitter and has around 11,000 followers on his account which can be found
at: http://twitter.com/jimmywayne.
For more information on the campaign, visit http://www.thevalorymusicco.com/jimmywayne

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