“Laser Pattern Burst Generator” at the Paranormal Investigation

Kimberly J. Williams
Okay…here’s a cool photo! This is a laser pattern burst. The idea came from Paul Bradford from GhostHunters International. He showed Larry a photo from a castle in Scotland. It was designed to get better depth perception and recognition for visual anomolies.
We’ve had our first question of the night. From Amy, who lives near Forrest City! Here’s Amy’s question:
“Hi! I have a question about the spirits. Once they are in a place, do they stay there, or could they leave and go home with someone that was visiting the museum. I live near Forrest City and think this sounds like something fun to do, but I’m really paranoid, and I’m afraid one would leave and come home with me or something….lol.”
Larry answers,”Thanks for the question, Amy. It’s a very good question. It’s certainly a possibility, but there’s no scientific knowledge to support it. We do believe a spirit’s energy CAN become attached to objects, especially if the object was meaningful.”
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