Learn “Voluntary Simplicity” for Your Life in 2010

Kerry Kraus


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to de-stress and simply your life, then Heifer International  has an event just for you.

The Arkansas Earth Institute is offering a “Voluntary Simplicity” seven-week discussion course that teaches you how to manage the stresses and demands of everyday life. Dates are March 2-April 20 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Heifer Village in downtown Little Rock

Topics addressed are:

The Meaning of Simplicity – Participants will explore the history of both inner and outer simplicity and its many misconceptions.

Living More with Less – Accumulating material possessions is part of the American Dream. For some, the dream has become a nightmare. At times, material possessions add meaning to our lives but they also can detract. Participants will explore the struggle to balance needs and desires.

Making a Living – A growing number of people wrestle with the desire to make and spend money and the desire for a simple life. Participants will investigate how our culture makes it so difficult to overcome this inner conflict.

Do You Have the Time? – In modern society, our minds are focused on the “busyness” of the day, our current problems and our future challenges. Alternatives to the fast pace of our mainstream culture will be examined.

Steps to Living Simply and Sustainably – After discussing the benefits of living simple and sustainable lives, participants will look at the steps they can take to move toward a life simple in means and rich in satisfaction.

The $40 fee includes course materials and the discussion. A $10 discount is available to those who register by Tuesday, February 16. Heifer Village is located at 1 World Avenue adjacent to the Clinton Presidential Library.

Space is limited so early enrollment is encouraged. E-mail HeiferVillage-Registration@heifer.org or call (501) 907-COWS (2697) to register and additional information, or visit www.heifer.org/discussions.


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