Little Rock featured on Travel Channel’s Man v Food

Zoie Clift
I just got word that Little
Rock will be featured on tomorrow’s episode of Man v. Food on the Travel
Channel. The basis of the show centers on host Adam Richman (of Brooklyn, NY) as
he travels the country in search of the best places to indulge. He explores the culture and ‘big food’ of one city in each episode.
His first stop in town is at
the Osborne Family Farm for a BBQ honoring the local police and fire

Next is a quick stop at the
Cotham Mercantile which is known for having the biggest burger in town: The
Hubcap. Richman gets the Quadruple Hubcap Burger which is four of these
monstrous patties stacked on a bun.

Richman then hits up the
Mean Pig BBQ to take on a super spicy pulled-pork sandwich known as the Shut Up
Juice Challenge. Over 4,000 people have tried this challenge, but only 64 have
completed it. The episode airs tomorrow (Nov. 25) at 10 E/P.


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