Live Raptor Program in Hot Springs

Zoie Clift
Raptors are birds of prey
that use their talons to capture their prey. Some examples are eagles, owls,
and hawks. What do you do if you see an injured bird? Meet certified Raptor
Rehabilitator Rodney Paul Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. at the Diamondhead Country Club in Hot Springs to
find out.
Paul will give a glimpse into the challenges of healing injured
raptors before they are released into the wild. Don’t forget your cameras as there
will be live birds on display. The program is free, but donations to help in
the care of the birds are greatly appreciated. Visitors must check in at the
guard-shack at the entrance to Diamondhead for the program.
For more
information contact Lake Catherine State Park at 501 844-4176.

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