Loco Ropes Offers Team Building Program Beginning March 1

Jill M. Rohrbach

Beginning March 1, Loco Ropes in Mountain View will offer a series of programs designed to build, develop, and strengthen the skills necessary to become leaders and cultivate healthy relationships.

Loco Ropes is a ropes challenge course located at Ozark Folk Center State Park. This treetop adventure park contains a 300-foot zip line and three ropes courses. All of the ropes courses have a continuous belay system. Two are hands on and one is not. It’s a very user-friendly belay system that if part of the fun, as is the actual maneuvering through the course.

The team building program combines adventure, proven experiential activities, and an extensive knowledge in team building models to give you and your team the platform to stand together, and the courage and heart to effectively face challenges. It’s meant to address the needs of school children, teenagers, young adults, and adults.

In addition to the team building program, Loco Ropes is open spring through fall to the general public. You’ll have a blast with friends or family on this unique activity. I went through it in the fall with my husband and we both agreed it was some of the most fun we’ve had in awhile. We’re looking forward to going again this spring, and bringing our children along.

Check out all that Loco Ropes has to offer at LocoRopes.com. Call 870-269-6566 to talk with lead facilitators Dru Edmonds and Justin Puckett about the team building options.

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