Logoly State Park: the State’s First Environmental Education State Park

Zoie Clift
Have you ever wondered what
you could eat out in the woods if you got lost? Have you ever wondered what
your great-grandparents used for a cough or fever? If so, these and other questions will
be answered during two different workshops this month at Logoly State Park in

The park is the state’s first
environmental education state park and throughout the year interpreters present
workshops on both ecological and environmental topics. This month, Edible Plants
of Logoly State Park,
is set for April 10. During the workshop participants
embark on a two-mile walk around Spring Branch Trail. Emphasis will be on
the plants, their names (common and scientific), and the identifying
characteristics of each plant. Workshop fees ($25) cover handouts and a book
and pre-registration is required.

The second workshop, Medicinal
Plants of Logoly State Park
, takes place April 24. During this workshop,
participants go on a guided hike on trails of the park while an interpreter
explains about the plants seen along the trail. Emphasis will be on the plant
names, characteristics of the individual plants, and the uses of the plant.
Workshop fees are also $25 for this class and cover a book and handouts for
each participant. Pre-registration is also required. For more information on
these workshops call the park at 870-695-3561.

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