May is National Burger Month

Kerry Kraus
Did you know May 1 is the beginning of National Burger Month? Today was the first I’d heard of it so I decided to do a little research. Here’s what I found on the Serious Eats Website.

“It seems that somewhere along the way, White Castle, arguably the nation’s first burger chain, decided to ‘sponsor’ the month-long ‘holiday.’ Most of the online references to the promotional stunt seem to point back to the Castle, but oddly enough, there’s nothing on White Castle’s site mentioning it.”

Heaven knows there are tons of great burgers in The Natural State. More than enough for you to be able to eat at a different place every day of the month and not make a dent in the list. I thought I’d list a few of my favorite places to get a burger – in no particular order – plus a few I’ve heard about but haven’t visited yet. We all know favorites are subjective – what I like you might not – and vice versa. Where’s your favorite place to get a burger in Arkansas?

Feltners's Whatta Burger, Russellville 

Sparky's Roadhouse Grill, Eureka SpringsFavorites:

The Box, Little Rock

Doe’s Eat Place, Little Rock

Buffalo Grill, Little Rock

Feltner’s Whatta Burger, Russellville

(top right)






Brenda's Better Burgers, FayettvilleWish List of Places to be Tried:




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