More Accolades for Charlotte

Kerry Kraus


I don’t exactly remember when I first discovered Charlotte’s Eats and Sweets in Keo  but I suspect I was browsing at Morris Antiques when I found it. All it took was one visit and ever since then, I have sung the praises of this quaint little eatery.

Charlotte’s has gained a regional – if not national – reputation for its homemade pies. One of the latest tributes is yet another one from Southern Living Magazine, the expert on everything Southern. In the June issue, the magazine tried 70 kinds of pies from Texas to Virginia, then selected 17 as “The South’s Best Pies.” Charlotte’s coconut pie is ranked number four. 

Charlotte’s has more than just coconut. She offers a dozen varieties, including caramel, or as my mother calls it, burnt sugar, and chocolate. I personally don’t care for coconut but my “must have” pie is the Fresh Strawberry, only available seasonally but absolutely incredible. 

The pies go fast. Regulars know to reserve a piece when they place their meal order or there is a chance there won’t be any come dessert time.

The food at Charlotte’s is just as good as the pies. She has sandwiches (try the Keo Klassic), burgers, salads, tasty ice cream concoctions, and homemade cakes. In addition, the setting for the restaurant, an antique apothecary shop, provides wonderful ambience for all the great food.

Keo is a fun day trip. In addition to the massive Morris Antiques, 60,000-square-feet of quality antiques, there are other shops in the tiny downtown. 

Charlotte’s is located at 290 Main Street in Keo, approximately 20 minutes southeast of Little Rock.


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