Mount Ida World Championship Quartz Crystal Dig


Zoie Clift
Quick reminder that the 25th Annual World’s Championship Quartz Crystal Dig is Oct. 13-15 in Mount Ida! During this event, participants dig their own crystals ( they have four working mines to choose from) and each contestant keeps everything they dig. There is a judging each afternoon at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds to see who found the best crystals. A kids dig takes place on Saturday at 2 for grades K-6th.  An entry free is required and registration is available online.

Also that weekend is the 27th annual Quartz, Quiltz and Craftz Festival Oct. 14-16. The event has a gem and mineral show, arts and crafts, food, music, a quilt show featuring around 200 quilts and more.  There is also a Treasure Hunt in conjunction with the dig and festival. For more information visit or call 870-867-2723.

On a side note, during the event, the folks at Wegner Crystal Mines are offering a ½ price collecting opportunity to all contestants for their Crystal Forest Mine on either Oct. 16 or 17. More details can be found at or 870-867-2309.

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