Mud Run


Zoie Clift
Oct 29: Viva Mud Run! In honor of the day I wanted to highlight this weekend’s Little Rock Mud Run. If you’ve never run it before, mark it on your calendar as a must do. It combines costumes, running, and mud: a trio of things that are great separately but supreme when combined. The folks at Little Rock Parks and Rec are at the helm of this race ( under the direction of Geneva Hampton, who also directs the Little Rock Marathon) and the event keeps growing each year-both in number of participants and in the amount of fun they seem to be having.

For those who might be interested in running it, here are details care of the event website:

Participants run, walk, skip, trot, cavort through our 5K(ish – please refer to helpful hints section for the clarification of “ish”) course, which winds through the scenic trails of Two Rivers Park. Participants must overcome an “obstacle” or two along the way Then, participants finish with a spectacular frolic (but in most cases romp) through our world-renowned 300-foot mud pit, which is filled with that amazing Arkansas mud.

• The “ish” in 5K-ish. To understand the importance of the “ish”, one must go back in time to the first epic romping of the Mud Run – a long, long time ago. As legend has it, a really fast runner – we will call him Brian the Barbarian (aka Brian Bariola of Benton) was a mile ahead of everyone else. The CIC (remember that is Chick In Charge) that first year did not think it was very sporting to let Brian beat the entire field by such a large margin. So with a wave of her magically Mud Run Mojo Stick, she issued the decree from high atop Majestic Mud Mountain and the course was magically changed in the middle of the race. Thus, saving thousands the humiliation of being beat like a yard dawg. Brian still won the race, got a few extra miles in (remember he’s this really fast guy that likes running alot), and everyone lived happily ever after.

So that’s about the gist of it. Hope to see you in the mud soon! For more details visit:

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