Museum Monday: Hampson Archeological Museum State Park


I’ve loved museums my entire life…and after working in one for 10 years, that love only grew stronger. On Mondays, I will share some of my favorite museums located within the 26 counties of eastern Arkansas.
Kimberly J. Williams   

Happy Monday afternoon to you all!! Wow…we had an amazingly beautiful weekend throughout The Natural State. I hope you all got to get out and enjoy it!

If you’ve ever read my blogs, you know of my love for museums. History has been a passion of mine for decades. My great-grandmother was Cherokee, so I’ve always been fascinated by Native American history and culture. This museum fits the bill on both counts!

Today’s museum is the Hampson Archeological State Park Museum in Wilson. The museum houses an incredible collection of artifacts from the Nodena site, a Native American village situated along the Mississippi River in what is today Mississippi County. The 15-acre village thrived from 1400 to 1650 A.D. The museum’s exhibits explore life in the village before European exploration of the area.

Dr. James K. Hampson began collecting arrowheads as a boy. When he returned to the family’s Nodena plantation in the 1920s, his love of archeology was reawakened. Dr. Hampson uncovered the Nodena site, and he and his family excavated and documented the archeological discovery. Upon Hampson’s death, the collection was donated to the State of Arkansas. And Hampson Archeological Museum State Park was born.

Today Hampson Archeological Museum State Park displays a portion of Dr. Hampson’s collection, including amazing Nodena Red and White pottery, effigy vessels, tools, bowls and bottles. You can visit the museum’s Web site and view the Virtual Hampson Museum, featuring a series of 3D digital artifacts from the collection.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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