Museum Monday: The Walnut Ridge Army Flying School Museum

I’ve loved museums my entire life…and after working in one for 10 years, that love only grew stronger. On Mondays, I will share some of my favorite museums located within the 26 counties of eastern Arkansas.

Kimberly J. Williams
If you have an interest in military history or a family member who served in World War II, I suggest you plan a trip to Walnut Ridge! In 1999, the Walnut Ridge Army Flying School Museum was formed to preserve the history of the airfield, one of seven schools established in Arkansas during World War II. Located on the grounds of the Walnut Ridge Airport, the museum traces the history of the school and houses collection of war-related books and videos. The museum also houses an extensive collection of World War II nose art (nose art appeared on or near the “nose” of military aircraft).

The school was opened on August 1942 and training classes began in  October. In less than two years, the Walnut Ridge Army Flying School graduated over 4,500 students. The Walnut Ridge Army Flying School Museum hosts a reunion of former airfield personnel, both military and civilian, that worked and trained at the facility during World War II and their families. The 12th annual Air Field Reunion is slated for April 9-10. Activities include museum and airfield tours, movies from the era, a memorial service and a benefit auction. For more information visit or contact the Walnut Ridge Army Flying School at 800-584-5575.

The museum is located at 70 S. Beacon Road in Walnut Ridge, on the grounds of the Walnut Ridge Airport. And while you’re there, make sure and schedule time for lunch or dinner at the Parachute Inn Restaurant, portions of which are located in a reconfigured Southwest Airlines Boeing 737!

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