MVUMs for Ouachita National Forest To Be Released in Spring

Zoie Clift
Heads up to ATV/ Off-road
enthusiasts. Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) for the Ouachita National
Forest will be released this spring. Once these are published, it will be
legal to ride only those national forest roads, trails or areas shown on the
The new route system will
cover around 3,100 miles of existing forest system roads and trails available
for various types of motorized use.
The idea for the maps was unleashed four
years ago when the US Forest Service began implementation of a new rule called
The Travel Management rule. The rule was created to limit environmental impacts
associated with unregulated OHV (off highway vehicle) use on National Forest land and requires that
all of the nation’s 155 national forests designate a system of roads and trails
for all motorized vehicles including ATVs. These routes are then published
annually via MVUMs.
For the Ouachita National
Forest, the biggest change is that most cross country travel, either on user
created trails or just riding through the forest on an OHV, will be
eliminated. The 31 miles of loop trails at Wolf-Pen Gap Trail
system near Mena will also be designated as open routes on weekends and
holidays between May 15 and Sept. 15. The change is due to adverse effects
on water quality through sedimentation linked in part to current OHV use in the
area. Maps will be available at Forest Service offices in Arkansas and Oklahoma
when the plan is implemented in early spring. The Ozark National
Forest published its maps in January 2007. For more information on the Travel
Management Project, or to view small maps online, visit



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