My Arkansas Destination Wish List for 2012

I am VERY blessed with my job in that I get to travel this wonderful state we live in. But believe it or not, there are places I haven’t been. I have a “want to visit” wish list which I hope to put a dent in this year. What places are on your Arkansas must see wish list for 2012?

Here are some of my “hope to visit” locations…in no particular order. This is by no means all of them; just a start.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
, Bentonville  – I am thrilled that something of this caliber is in my home state. To be able to see Rosie the Riveter and other great works in person in Arkansas is incredible.

New Arkansas Museum of Discovery
, Little Rock  – I’ve had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at what it’s going to look like. It is going to be, in a word, AWESOME!!!  Opens January 14.

Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum
, Piggott – Having an English degree, this is of particular interest. It’s amazing to me that someone of the stature of this great American writer not only lived in Arkansas but wrote portions of some of his masterpieces here.
 Bass Reeves Statue, Fort Smith – Ever since I began learning about the rich Fort Smith history, Bass Reeves has fascinated me. Fort Smith pays homage to this larger-than-life lawman with a larger-than-life statue. It’s not completed yet but dedication is scheduled for May 26.

Lakeport Plantation

, Lake Village – An incredible example of the fine work Dr. Ruth Hawkins and Arkansas State University is doing to preserve the Arkansas Delta heritage. Life in plantation Arkansas wasn’t all barbecues and ball gowns.

Johnny Cash Childhood Home
, Dyess – This is still in the planning stages but I still want to see it. See Lakeport listing above.

The Beatles Sculpture
, Walnut Ridge – I never got to see the Fab Four in person. This is the closest I’ll ever get. Impressive piece of work, judging from the photos I’ve seen. While I’m there, I absolutely have to eat at the Parachute Inn. Since I hate to fly and airlines rarely serve meals anymore, the Parachute Inn gives me the chance for dining on a plane, albeit a stationary one.
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