New Surf Ride Debuts at Magic Springs & Crystal Falls



news for those that are into surfing or have ever wanted to try it. Magic
Springs & Crystal Falls in Hot Springs has a new ride to take on: the
Boogie Blast surf simulation ride. According to park officials, the design was
created by surfers and designed to simulate the type of experience enjoyed by
skateboarders, body boarders, wakeboarders and snowboarders. To deliver the
effect, submersible propeller pumps located in the pool below the ride inject a
three-inch sheet of water over the ride surface creating a surfable wave.  Adjustable speed and water flow make
the ride approachable to all skill
levels.  The ride is part of a new
area of the park that features a new stage for live performances. The
world-famous X-Coaster is also back in operation at the park and renovations
have also been made to the classic, antique carousel. There are also
renovations throughout the park including the main gate and new waterfalls. For
more information on the ride and park, check out



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