North Little Rock Visitors Bureau an Award Winner

Kerry Kraus

If you notice a bright light emanating from the north shore of the Arkansas River, don’t be alarmed. Be proud. The North Little Rock Visitors   Bureau was recently named a Shining Example by the Southeast Tourism Society.

The North Little Rock Visitors Bureau was awarded Convention and Visitors Bureau of the Year (budget under $1 million). This is the first such award to be presented to any organization from the state of Arkansas.

According to bureau director Karen Trevino, the full-time staff of six paid employees and a budget of $700,000 accomplishes a great deal. Brochure design, advertising insertions and media releases are done in-house. The Bureau has cultivated brochures in both English and Spanish; worked with the Hispanic community giving them knowledge of the services in town; created a “Be a Tourism Magnet” card that was a huge hit with the community, and finally, coordinated the North Little Rock “Welcome to Our City” program for community businesses’ employees to better serve the city’s visitors.

Stop in the visitors bureau located in Burns Park the next time you’re in the area. You’ll meet some very nice folks who are awfully proud of their community.

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