Surprisingly, one of the most asked questions I get isn’t about an event or museum or even a restaurant. It’s about The Paul Michael Company in Lake Village!

This spring, I spent a lot of time in southeast Arkansas working on the Great River Road Geocaching Power Trail. When people heard I was spending time in Lake Village, they always asked about Paul Michael’s. “Is it really that big,” they would ask. “Yes, it really is,” I’d respond. “Is it worth the drive from (insert town name here)?” “Most definitely,” I would reply. “Do they have…?” I’d stop them there. “Most likely,” I’d say. “If it’s for the home, inside or out, you’ll probably find it at Paul Michael’s!”

If you’re not familiar with Paul Michael’s, let me tell you about it. It’s a decorating mecca. Their location in Lake Village measures over 35,000 square feet, with items ranging from furniture, décor accessories, rugs, seasonal decoratives…there’s no way I could tell you everything.

Now through Jan. 31, they’re hosting “Out with the Old and In with the New Year Sale!” Everything in the store is 25-50% off. Yes, everything! So if you’ve never been…or you’re just looking for a reason to go back…now is the time for a visit to Paul Michael.

You can check out their website at and check out their Facebook page here.

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