PurpleHull Peas Focus of Emerson Event June 26-27

Zoie Clift
The Blessing of the
PurpleHull Pea Crop took place this past Sunday at the Billy Williams Farm in
anticipation of The PurpleHull Pea Festival, which takes place June 26-27 in
Emerson. The festival pays homage to a tasty legume: the PurpleHull Pea. The
World Championship Rotary Tiller Race has been the festival’s major attraction
since the event began in 1990. Hailed as one of the most unusual races in
the South, the track is 200 feet in length. Souped-up garden tillers from near
and far come to compete in the world’s premiere ( and only) tiller racing
event. The Weyerhaeuser 200 World Championship Rotary Tiller Race includes several
racing categories, including a “stock tiller” division for “those
who’d like to till their garden that morning, then compete later that
afternoon.” Besides the race, some other events featured include a Pea Shelling
Competition and Pea-Stompin’ Street Dance featuring White Mustang. Emerson is
in Columbia County, 12 miles south of Magnolia and 6 miles north of the
Arkansas-Louisiana state line. For more information, contact Bill Dailey, Pea-R
Guy at


or check out www.purplehull.com.


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