Raid the Rock Adventure Race



Looking for some adventure? The 10th annual Raid the Rock Adventure Race is
Oct. 9 in Little Rock. The race involves two options: an 8-12 hour traditional
long course and a 2-4 hour short course that is part of the Arkansas Adventure
Sprint Championships. The long course (which covers both wilderness and urban
terrain and is a regional qualifier for the 2010 USARA National Championship)
covers around 50 miles of mountain biking, trekking/running, canoeing and rope
elements.Teams or solo racers
navigate the entire course with a map and compass. The short course is a shorter version of the long

As to mileage breakdowns,
the long course includes 20-25 miles of mountain biking (single track and
roads) 10-15 miles of trekking and running ( wilderness trails, dirt roads and
city streets) and 10-15 miles of flat water canoeing. The short course is 5-8
miles of mountain biking, 2-5 miles of trekking/running and 3-8 miles of
canoeing. For more details on the race, visit
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