Reflecting on Aspects of Arkansas History

Kimberly J. Williams
Independence Day is truly a holiday of history…the history of our country and how our forefathers adopted a statement declaring our independence from Great Britain.

If you’re a history buff like I am, this holiday weekend is also an opportunity to celebrate facets of Arkansas history as well. Check out these events that highlight aspects of history in The Natural State!

Head to Lake Charles State Park in Powhatan on July 3 for The Rattle of Musketry: From Flint to Percussion. The lecture focuses on how muskets have been used throughout the history of our country and how they were used in the settlement of Arkansas. There will also be a musket demonstration. To learn more, contact Lake Charles State Park at 870-878-6595.

On July 3, Jacksonport State Park in Newport offers two programs focusing on the history of the region. Flags of the Confederacy discusses the different flags used by the Confederate States during the Civil War and how these flags are still influencing state flags throughout the United States today. Then you’ll hear stories and tall tales about the legendary White River Monster that many believe lives in the area. Newspapers articles dedicated to the monster and photographs “capturing” the mythical beast will be displayed during the program. To find out more, phone the park at 870-523-2143.

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