Registration for Ouachita Challenge Opens Today

Zoie Clift
Heads up to the mountain bikers out there: this coming year is the 10th anniversary of the popular
Ouachita Challenge race.  The race
(which is held April 2-3, 2011) is notorious for selling out.  Registration
opens today (Dec. 13th).
The event entails two days of  riding and
on two trails in the Ouachita mountains.The Ouachita Trail and The
Womble Trail. The Ouachita Trail is known for it’s challenging climbs, technical
sections and scenic views of the Ouachita River.  The Womble Trail is
known for it’s fast trails and scenic views of the Ouachita Mountains and
valleys. The course will run the same direction as last year with a couple
of changes. For more details on the course and event, check out


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