Running of the Tubs Race Primer

Zoie Clift
Ever had the urge to
race your tub down the street? So have I. 
The good news is you can do so via the Stueart Pennington Running Of The
Tubs race May 15 in Hot Springs. 

The race was created
in 2006 as a nod to  the city’s fabled
thermal waters that have for more than 175 years made the city the spot where “We
Bathe The World.” 

The annual event takes
place on Bathhouse Row and revolves around costumed teams pushing regulation
bathtubs full of water and one bather the length of the Row. 

The rules change every
year, especially after the race has started, but fundamental rules apply each
year. The rules include: no motors or
mechanical devices can be used to push the tub.  The four members of the
team, not including one actually in the tub, must power the tub the entire
length of the race. Each team must consist of five members: a captain, who
must ride in the tub; a Bath Towel Attendant; a Bath Mat Attendant; a Soap
Attendant; and a  Loofah Mitt Attendant.
During the race each team member must keep one hand on the tub at all times. The
bathtub must be full of water at the start of the race and have at least 10 gallons
of water left in the tub at the finish line. Oh, also the four team members
pushing the tubs must wear hats of some size and shape, and also some

A chance to wear a  hat and suspenders? I’m in.  For a complete list of rules and
further details contact Leysa Lowery at 501-321-2027 or check out

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