September Events at Withrow Springs State Park

Jill M. Rohrbach
Water and woods lure visitors to Withrow Springs State Park in Huntsville. The park sits within the scenic Ozark Mountains and the bluffs of War Eagle Creek.
If you like camping, you’ll find a hardwood forest shading the campground. Choose from 30 Class AAA (with water, up to 50 amp service, and sewer hookups). Each campsite can accommodate either an RV and/or a tent. The campground also features a modern, barrier-free bathhouse.
If you like to canoe, War Eagle Creek flows through the park. Enjoy a leisurely float or float fish for catfish, bream, perch and bass. You can rent canoe and kayaks from the park. Call ahead to reserve, and to find out the water level of the creek.
If you like to hike, choose from the one-mile War Eagle Trail, ¾-mile Dogwood Nature Trail, and the 1 ¼-mile Forest Trail.
The park also has tennis courts, picnic sites, pavilions, a gift shop, and a baseball and softball field. The pool with adjacent bathhouse and snack bar is open in summer months.
As if that’s not reason enough to go, here are some September events at the park to add to the fun. Call the park for times and details – 479-559-2593. All of these are free.
Wild War Eagle, Sept. 3, 11, 17 – The riparian ecosystem is teeming with wildlife. The War Eagle Trail is Park Interpreter Natalie’s favorite way to explore the riverside. Wear shoes that can get wet and bring drinking water for this moderate hike. Meet at the War Eagle Trailhead at the Ark. 23 bridge.

Nature Art, Sept. 3, 11, 17
– Nature provides both inspiration and material for art. Meet Park Interpreter Natalie to make some art of your own. This activity provides a fun way for families to create special state park memories. Bring a camera if you have one.

The Incredible Journey, Sept. 3, 25 – Where will the water you swim in today be tomorrow? Park Interpreter Natalie invites you to find out as we roll the dice to move water in its incredible journey.

Go Batty!, Sept. 3, 24
– Bats are an important part of the ecosystem of Withrow Springs State Park. Join Park Interpreter Natalie to learn about these unique flying mammals and the threats to their existence. Bring a headlamp or flashlight if you have one.

Sassafras Is Where It’s At, Sept. 4 – Sassafras is a unique species and an important part of both the forest ecosystem and Ozark folk culture. Meet Park Interpreter Natalie for a short hike on the Dogwood Trail to learn about the many roles of this special tree at Withrow Springs State Park.

Life and Times of Richard Withrow, Sept. 4, 17
– The Withrow family legacy at Withrow Springs State Park is one of hard work, ingenuity and reliance on nature. Meet Park Interpreter Natalie to learn about life during the 1800s and the family that gave this spring its name.
Elizabeth Withrow’s Hunting Camp, Sept. 4, 16 – The Withrow family that Withrow Springs State Park is named for relied on the natural resources of this area. Elizabeth Withrow’s grit was the key to her family’s survival during the Civil War. Visit her camp to learn more about her life. Bring a chair or blanket to sit on and mess kit if you have one.
Creatures of the Night, Sept. 9, 30 – Some of nature’s most fascinating creatures are best observed at night. Meet Park Interpreter Natalie to learn about nocturnal animals of Withrow Springs State Park and how to identify the sounds you might hear tonight. Bring a chair and a flashlight if you have one.
Remembering War Eagle, Sept. 10, 18 – The War Eagle River Overlook offers a view to remember. Meet Park Interpreter Natalie for a memorable hike down to the overlook and back. This is a very short but steep trek.

Frontier Furs, Sept. 10, 24 – Settlers of the 1800s such as Richard Withrow used the natural resources of the area for their livelihood. Meet Park Interpreter Natalie to learn about the use of mammal furs and life on the frontier during the 19th century.
Nature Guessing Game, Sept. 10, 24 – Park Interpreter Natalie challenges you to identify some odd and interesting items found right here at Withrow Springs State Park. This is a great way for families to connect with nature together outdoors.

Bridge to War Eagle, Sept. 10 – War Eagle Creek is part of our Ozark heritage. Spectacular scenery, amazing wildlife, and recreational opportunities abound on this classic Ozark stream. Bridge to War Eagle, a short film by award-winning journalists Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter, chronicles the history, ecology, and enduring legacy of War Eagle Creek. Park Interpreter Natalie invites you to this evening’s viewing.
Stream Inspector, Sept. 18 – What you discover living in our streams are clues to the health and quality of our water system. Meet Park Interpreter Natalie to help gather clues and give our stream a passing or failing grade. Wear shoes that can get wet and bring any tools you have such as a field notebook, magnifying glass, and aquatic net.

Nature Exploration, Sept. 24 – There’s always something interesting to discover at Withrow Springs State Park if you use the power of observation. Park Interpreter Natalie wants to share some investigative techniques with you. Let’s explore the park together with this family-friendly activity.

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