Some Reasons I

Kerry Kraus


With the Thanksgiving Holiday this week, I decided to share with everyone a few of the reasons I’m thankful to live in Arkansas.

1) The unsurpassed beauty…that phrase is tossed around quite a bit but in this case, it is absolutely on target. Let’s face it…Arkansas isn’t called The Natural State for nothing. We are blessed to live in a state that has a whole lot of trees with three national forests, plenty of lakes and rivers for water fun, four distinct seasons so we never get bored and the different scenery that comes with each change.

2) The amazing people….I am fortunate that in my job I get feedback from visitors. Over and over and over again I hear comments about how friendly and helpful Arkansans are. We are special people.
3) Vast opportunities…it’s hard to become bored in a state that has a festival or special event taking place just about every weekend. It can be arts and crafts-based, it can be a concert, a play, an art display, or a museum exhibit. It can be a cook-off or some other type of contest.
4) The diverse terrain…if you like mountains, we’ve got them. If you like flatland, we’ve got it. It never ceases to amaze me that you can be in the Ozarks and in less than an hour, you can be in the Delta.   Ditto for going from the Ouachitas to the Timberlands of south Arkansas. You can be in the hustle of Central Arkansas and in a half-hour or less, you’re in bucolic farmland. Same goes for the Northwest Arkansas corridor of Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale and Fayetteville. Each region has its own particular appeal.
5) The incredible diversity of state parks…We hear it quite a bit. The diversity of the Arkansas State Parks system is unique. What other state can claim a diamond mine? Or a folk culture center? Throw in some prehistoric Native American spots, lots of lakes and rivers, sites that preserve revered eras of history, plus a cemetery, a rails to trails project, and a World War I hero, and that’s quite a variety to choose from.

I’ll share some more tomorrow.

Why are you thankful to live in Arkansas?

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